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Customer Testimonials


“You always have looked out for our best insurance interest. You have always provided several cost competitive quotes to consider. The quality of Customer Service has been outstanding in my opinion. I have developed a close friendship with Bea who as well was always outstanding to me and my family. I value AMR Insurance and would always recommend your agency. You always look for the lowest cost without any compromise for your client(s).”

Arnie Berheim, customer since 2014

“About 46 years ago, when we were young, you shopped for the best insurance at the best rate for us.”

Dennis Rhoads, customer since 1994

“Quick response to all questions and changes.”

Customer since 2013

“Fast and accurate service.”

Catherine McMains, customer since 2006

“Bea, our original agent, and everyone since in AMR’s office, have always been both personable and professional.”

Customer since 1996

“Always very responsive in answering questions promptly. Checks different providers for best rates.”

Customer since 2014

“Katherine was very knowledgeable and expedient in providing me with my new policy last year. Also, I felt the price was reasonable, at least more reasonable than what I was paying.”

Janis Finn, customer since 2017

“They always have good customer service!”

Customer since 2012

“Samantha is wonderful! Anything I need she is prompt to respond and always happy to do so. I’ve been with AMR for over 20 years and have absolutely no complaints.”

Sandra Harris, customer since 1995

“Always excellent customer service. Quick response to questions.”

Customer since 2003

“Always responsive.”

Customer since 2016

“Constantly looking for better insurance at a much better price. Friendly, courteous service.”

Cindy Garrison, customer since 2009

“You take care of business.”

Patrick Richmond, customer since 2014

“Whenever we call and need help with changes to our insurance they are very helpful and make it easy and we feel that they take very good care of us and are just a phone call away with any questions.”

Marvin Coleman, customer since 2007

“Quick to respond to questions regarding our business insurance.”

Customer since 2005

“Your staff is always very helpful. I work with Katherine and really like her responses and help she has provided over the years. AMR also has been providing competitive rates through different insurance carriers.”

Jutta Stevens, customer since 2006

“Great responsiveness to changes and additions to our needs.”

Charles Murray, customer since 2003

“Everyone we have had the pleasure to work with at AMR have been friendly, helpful and caring.”

Customer since 1994

“Katherine is always on top of everything, all I have to do is let her know what I need help with. She is also always happy to help.”

Customer since 2014

“Quick and accurate responses and desire to obtain competitive and lower quotes.”

Paul Casey, customer since 2010

“Katherine is always professional, responsive, patient and friendly. I truly enjoy working with her!”

Susan Chittenden, customer since 2003

“I have always appreciated how you made sure I was getting the best insurance at the best possible price. Very important at today’s prices.”

Customer since 1994

“Helpful and friendly!”

Customer since 1997

“As a dry cleaner, we need very specific kind of coverage that can adequately provide protection for our business as well as our clients. Matt and his team worked hard to get me the insurance that fits our needs. Thank you.”

Customer since 2015

“You guys always make everything so easy! And when we have questions or problems, it’s nice to know we can call you and an actual person will pick up, no waiting on hold or push 1 for whatever!”

Justyn Workman, customer since 2015

“Fast, friendly service from professionals.”

Jerry Merriman, customer since 2015

“You have been our agent for years and you are the best and you have always went above an beyond. I would rate you as a stellar company, customers service does not get any better you are so friendly and will go and find the best rates even ahead of time to renew. Always have answer stuff to question immediately. Thank you”

Larry Scarbrough, customer since 2013

“We have been dealing with AMR insurance since we moved to Tacoma in 1998, they had our Auto and Homeowners. We moved to California in 2010 and AMR insurance still has our insurance for our home in Tacoma that is a rental. They were always quick to respond, very nice, very professional and easy to work with. Through the years we have also referred family and friends to them and we say they are people that can be totally trusted.”

Mike Renner, customer since 2011

“I’ve been a customer of AMR Insurance for years. When it is time to renew, I trust them to find me the best policies. Being a broker, they are able to serve my needs by having many choices instead of one.”

Bert Johndrow, customer since 2011

“I am always treated with kindness, and everyone makes sure we are always properly taken care of :)”

Michael Hutchinson, customer since 2004

“Well allow me to count the ways. First of all Janae and Katherine are very welcoming. Coming into the office was a joy as everything that we were quoted via email and over the phone was exactly the same thing once we got in to sign papers. I have recommended AMR to several neighbors including our residential mobile home park manager, letting them know how easy it is to connect with AMR. Janea and Kat are wonderful to work with and represent your company with great integrity. Customer service a pleasing 10! They are definitely assests to AMR. I would go as far as to invite myself to the family bbq! Smiles TCS

Tannya Carter-Schwartz, customer since 2018

“Always wants the best affordable plans for me. I have been with your company for a long time and I see am happy staying with AMR. I like the long term relationships. Some people jump to save a few dollars but I think the long term relationship bring more value.”

Customer since 1990

“Great service, fast response and very customer orientated group of people that make sure you have exactly what you need.”

Joshua Thoma, customer since 2018

“Samantha has always been very helpful. She does what she says that she will do!”

Customer since 1995

“Always available to answer any questions we have.”

Customer since 2014

“Love the customer service and shopping around for me at renewal to make sure my coverage is still correct and getting the best rate for it.”

Rachel Hawkins, customer since 2017

“Whenever I have needed to add/change a policy my agent, Katherine Murto, has been quick to act. I feel like we are getting the best policy for our needs.”

Customer since 1999

“I really like that you can run my numbers through many insurance companies and get me the most insurance for my hard earned money.”

Customer since 2009

“Our agent Katherine Murto is the best agent we have ever worked with. She is always quick to respond to all of our inquiries and is very informative, she’s always on the look out for better rates and she is always kind, friendly and professional. Anyone I know that is questioning their current insurance provider, or looking for a new one I always refer them to Katherine. Thank you for your hard work, dedication and for always being a great agent to Lars and I.”

Crystal Jensen, customer since 2015

“Great hard working company. Always go above and beyond to find the best rates.”

Customer since 2006

“Always courteous, willing to solve problems. And seems to always have an answer.”

Customer since 2009

“I appreciate the quick response I always receive when calling AMR. Plus, it is readily apparent that the staff understands insurance. Great customer service!”

Customer since 1993

“It’s nice to know that I can always call and speak with a real, local representative that is looking out for my best interest.”

Customer since 2010

“Very helpful in finding the most reasonable insurance”

Customer since 2017

“Great customer service, great telephone etiquette (always get a call back), very knowledgeable staff.”

Elizabeth Bitz, customer since 2015

“Caring, professional and knowledgeable team at AMR!”

Customer since 1990

“Great friendly service. Very helpful.”

Customer since 2013

“You are ALWAYS there for me to help me with my insurance needs. I never have to worry as I know I’m in very capable and caring hands. Thanks for being my insurance agent all of these years!!!!”

Customer since 1992

“Katherine is amazing and the turn around for getting stuff done is above and beyond. The staff is always helpful and friendly. No plans on leaving. Might be able to get insurance a little cheaper but I would not have the help I get, and that makes it worth it.”

Customer since 2014

“Quick service. Fair price for totaled vehicle.”

Mark Merriman, customer since 2015

“Every time I have called with a question, I’ve gotten an answer immediately! Last time, you said it might be awhile before I got a call back. The call back was all of 10 minutes. Definitely responsive!!!!”

Customer since 1994

“Great courteous service by Jenae, and affordable insurance”

Customer since 2017

“Great courteous service by Jenae, and affordable insurance”

Customer since 2017

“Because of you do treat me as a valued customer , I have no fears or hesitation to call if i need to for any reason , recently had a minor accident and you took care of it immediately and did not try to deny any work to be done . It made so less stressful to have my vehicle repair. I appreciate all you do. Thank you.”

Customer since 2013

“We have been fortunate to have Bea for years and now Kathy. AMR is so responsive and eager to help. Our kids switched over on our recommendation and AMR saved them a bunch of money.”

Charles Murray, customer since 2003

AMR is proactive about querying us about our insurance needs in a manner that seems concerned with our needs, not making a sale.”

Customer since 1996

“Very responsive, answers questions thoroughly, always personable”

Sandy Semler, customer since 2017

“I have always been worry free re: my insurance coverages knowing that AMR is handling all. Great customer service!”

Customer since 1993

“Knowledgeable staff, no matter who answers the phone. Looking for discounts”

Customer since 2017

“Customer service is excellent.”

Jacqueline McMahon, customer since 2004

“When my rates went up they were very helpful in finding me another carrier.”

William Levy, customer since 2009

“Your office is professional, helpful, patient and friendly. I enjoy interacting with all the staff I cannot me in contact with.”

Susan Chittenden, customer since 2003