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Auto Insurance

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Auto Insurance

Car insurance is and should be more than an insurance card tucked in your glove box, your purse or your wallet. Auto insurance should be customized to give you comprehensive coverage and peace of mind. No matter how your life changes, you can feel confident you’ll have the right protection and support every step of the way with our auto insurance coverage options and experienced agents.

What will my car policy cover?

Our coverage options provide the protection you need to keep your life moving with minimal distractions. Whether you are looking for coverage for one driver or for you, your spouse and adult children, we have options for you! Contact us for a quote today!

What does car insurance cost?

You might be surprised how affordable car insurance can be. The cost will depend on the policy we build for you. You can get a detailed quote based on your unique lifestyle. Contact us for a quote today!

How can you save?

Bundle your plans

Save money when you protect your auto and home with us.

Multiple Vehicle

If you insure more than one vehicle with us, you may qualify for a reduced auto insurance premium on your cars and trucks.

Good Driver

Drivers without accidents, violations or claims may be eligible for a reduced premium. Our agents will work with you and your family to determine if you qualify.

Safety Equipment

Is your vehicle equipped with factory-installed air bags? Nice work. You could get a 10-30 percent discount on your policy, depending on what state you live in.

Safe Driving Classes

Help your teen make better choices behind the wheel. If you teen has enrolled in and completed a safe-driving course, you could save money on his/her policy.

Good Student

Good grades pay off in more ways than one. In some cases, your student’s top notch track record could help you save on your insurance premiums.

Young Volunteer

Giving back is rewarding. If you’re under age 25 and complete 40 hours of volunteer work per year for a non-profit, you could save money on your auto policy.

Defensive Driving Courses for Seniors

Study up. You could get a 5-10 percent discount if you are 55+ years old and complete an approved defensive driving course.


Save time, stamps, checks and money! When you enroll in automatic funds transfer (AFT) or electronic recurring payments, you qualify for a discount.

Low Mileage

You don’t have to go very far to save money. Our customers who drive less than 7,500 miles per year can qualify for additional savings.

Away At School

If your child is more than 100 miles away at college, and their car is parked at home, you save. Or, if you’re the student, over 100 miles away from your parked car back at home, you save.

What is the difference between comprehensive and collision coverage?

Collision insurance covers damage that occurs as a result of a collision with another vehicle or object and applies regardless of who is at fault in the accident. Comprehensive insurance covers damage that occurs as a result of anything other than a collision, for example Mother Nature, fire or vandalism.

It is important to check on your auto insurance policy on a regular basis. Life happens and certain life changes can impact your auto insurance coverage. If you have experienced life changes and haven’t heard from your insurance agent, contact us. We can offer you a free assessment!