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Homeowner Insurance

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Homeowner Insurance

Your home is one of your largest investments. It’s where you hang your hat, where you raise your family and where you house your most meaningful and valuable possession. You worked hard to acquire your dream home – how you choose to protect it is an important decision!

Homeowners insurance can help you protect many different aspects of your home. Most policies include some standard policy coverage, but you can also select from many optional types of coverage to help protect the things that are important to you. Contact one of our qualified agents for help understanding what different types of homeowners insurance coverage is best for you and your family.

Things to think about when choosing Homeowners coverage

To help you find the homeowners insurance you want, take into account the:

Value of your home

What would it take to rebuild your home at today's prices?

Keep in mind, the price you paid for your home is not necessarily what it will cost to rebuild it. For example, the cost of your home may have included the value of the land. When insuring your home though, consider what it would cost to replace or rebuild the house itself. Talk to one of our agents, who can work with you to estimate the reconstruction cost of your home. You can also ask a reputable contractor about local building costs.

Value of unique or expensive items

Do you have fine art, jewelry, or coins? How about a wedding or engagement ring?

Homeowners insurance covers these valuable items up to the amount listed in the policy, but this may not be enough to fully cover valuable or unique items. Talk one of our agents about adding Personal Article Floaters to your policy. Floaters provide increased limits and/or additional coverage for specific valuable and unique items, so you can cover them the way you want.

Value of your liability coverage

If you were to be sued because of an accident or injury for which you were legally responsible, would your financial assets be at risk?

Life happens, and at some point you could be responsible, or liable, for injuries, accidents, and damages that happen on your property or anywhere else, for that matter. You can protect your assets against claims and lawsuits with liability coverage available on your homeowners policy.

Value of your personal property

It’s difficult to know exactly how many things you own, and how much your personal possessions are really worth until you do a full home inventory. That means going room to room, making a list, and taking pictures of what you have (include as much detail as possible). With a better idea of the value of your personal property, you can more accurately choose the coverage you want to replace your items in the event of a covered loss. Contact us today to see how we can best protect your personal property!

Multi-Generational Homeowners Insurance

Has an older parent or adult child recently moved back home? In addition to navigating a new set of family dynamics, your insurance needs have most likely changed. Be sure to re-evaluate coverage limits after a loved one moves in.

You may need to buy a valuable-articles rider or scheduled personal property insurance to ensure adequate coverage. This is especially important if your parents move in with family heirlooms, jewelry, art, antiques or valuable furniture. Cash value policies may not cover antiques. If your parents have sold their house and discontinued their own homeowner’s or rental policy, these valuables may be left without any coverage.

If you’re undertaking a home renovation to customize existing living space or adding on a small addition for your parents, you’re likely increasing your home’s value. Structural changes, like converting an office into second master suite, may also require a policy update.

Contact us today to see how your current homeowners policy will be impacted by the change in your home.

Paid Home Care

Will your loved one require paid home care? Ask your agent whether additional policies like umbrella liability coverage may be necessary to keep you, your family protected, and your parent’s nurse protected.