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PEMCO Helps with Auto Premium Relief

From the information release:

Auto premium relief – PEMCO will give new and renewal policyholders a 15% credit on their auto policy payments for each of the next three months. We know our customers are responsible, and those that can have been abiding by state and local stay-at-home orders. That means many people are driving fewer miles, resulting in fewer collisions and fewer insurance claims. Thanks to this trend, PEMCO is able to provide auto premium relief to all our auto customers. New and renewal customers in force on April 30, May 31 and June 30 will receive a 15% credit for April, May, and June, subject to regulatory approval. Customers will begin to see this reflected in their May billing. A credit will be applied to their account if premium is still owed.  A refund check will be sent to them if there is no balance owed. No action is required – customers will automatically receive the credit to their accounts.

Billing relief – While the COVID-19 outbreak has impacted all of us, each of us has felt that pain in different ways. That’s why we’re making sure we don’t add to the burden of people whose incomes are directly affected by illness or COVID-19 shutdowns. The PEMCO customer service team and valued local agents have been helping customers in financial crisis tailor flexible payment arrangements to fit their individual situations, depending on their payment methods and frequency.
Temporarily suspended cancelations – Now isn’t the time to for customers to worry about their personal insurance. PEMCO wants to make sure policyholders retain coverage during the current coronavirus state of emergency. In almost every case, PEMCO won’t cancel customers for nonpayment through May 9 in Washington and through April 23 in Oregon.

Extended coverage for driving for deliveries – If your customers are among the many people who are now being asked by employers to make personal deliveries or have gotten a new job as a driver delivering such things as restaurant takeout, groceries, prescriptions and packages, PEMCO has added temporary coverage for drivers in Washington who use their personal cars to deliver property for compensation. (We are currently working urgently on adding the same endorsement in Oregon – stand by!) That means their vehicle is covered while they’re out there helping to keep the world moving. This coverage has been extended automatically, with no need to call or make changes online.